E. Joe Scharko

Joe Sharko

Joe is a third generation mason with over 15 years of experience in landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, concrete work and masonry work. He currently serves as the Director of Maintenance and Landscape. With a strong background in project management, residential and commercial construction management, and as a contractor himself, Joe can visualize and execute almost any landscape or construction project, communicating with the owner and the crews throughout the process. Some of Joe’s more notable projects include:

1. Glenwood park Atlanta -Hardscape and landscape installation, installation of pavers, granite rubble walls, and bocci ball court: $350,000

2. Glenwood Park – Streetscapes: $500,000

3. Cabbagetown Park – Hardscapes and landscape installation, installation of granite rubble wall, rain gardens, and amphitheatre: $500,000

4. Bella Terra (Folley, Alabama) – installation of 200,000 square feet of concrete, hardscaping, and entrance monument signs, landscape installation, irrigation installation: 2.2 million dolllars.

5. Park Lane Shopping Center – installation of hardscape, rehabilitation of sidewalks, installation of 25,000 square feet of concrete pavers: $400,000

6.Uzialko Residence – installation of hardscape, koi pond, and shotcrete: $100,000

The Georgia Green Industry certifies Joe as a Landscape Professional. He is a certified concrete flatwork technician by ACI, and a certified concrete paver installer by the International Concrete Paver Institute. Joe holds his pesticide license in both areas of ornamental and turf.

Urban Eco Certifications