GlassX Thermodynamic Glazing: Keep The summer Heat Out and Winter Light In

GlassX Thermodynamic Glazing is a new technology developed by a Swiss company. This “Smart” glass reacts intelligently to solar radiation. Check out how this new type of glass help your house and office conserve electricity and energy.

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Also check out the video about the GlassX window technology:

The building in the picture and video is the headquarter of a restaurant chain in Switzerland The office is mainly constructed out of wood, glass, and special translucent facade elements. The facade is equipped with GlassX material. Solar heat gains and internal heat loads are absorbed and contained by the GlassX glazing, therefore the building never heats up more than 78.8 degrees. In the winter the building does not need to be heated either because the energy coming from sun radiation is necessary. No additional heating or cooling is necessary year round.

The magic is in the glass element’s filling.The magical material is called Phase Change Material (PCM). The salt crystalizes when the temperature is below 78.8 degrees. In this process, thermal energy is released into the room. When the sun heats up the facade, the material melts, therefore absorbing and storing thermal energy. This way the interior stays cool. Even during times when the PCM is solid, certain amount of light still enters in, making your house bright. Special prisms on the outside prevent sun radiation in the summer. The low sun shines through only in spring and winter. Weighing 20 pounds per square foot, GlassX is available at $60-90 per square foot.

The company used the money saved on electricity and energy on new investment.

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