Riverview Landing Phase 2: Stage Construction

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This is phase 2 of our Riverview Landing project! To get filled in on all the previous information about this project, check out Phase 1: Demolition Project in which we’ve already demolished several old buildings and made a parking lot in the area.

In this phase 2, we designed and constructed a permanent stage for performances and community events.To build the stage, Urban Eco Group partnered up with tree recycling expert Sims Acuff. We used a mobile mill to cut White Oak rescued from downed trees into the lumber we’re using to build the Riverview Landing stage!

Check out the step by step process in the viewo, and stay up to date with the Riverview Landing project by checking out the next step: Riverview Landing Grading and Cleanup!

Also don’t forget to watch the video for Riverview Landing Phase 1: Demolition


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