Urban Eco Group can build bridges, literally!

Not only can working with Urban Eco Group build valuable bridges in the construction industry that will last a lifetime, but we can actually build a bridge for you! Check out the video of a recent bridge project we completed:

We are about to begin work on a small road bridge at The Frazer Center in Atlanta, so stay posted for more information on its development! In the meantime, check out a few famous Atlanta bridges. We need some more creative designs to add to our city’s landscape, don’t you think? Contact Urban Eco Group today for a free consultation on how we can make your facility, park, office building, and most importantly, our city, a nicer, more convenient place to live and work!

We are Urban Eco Group, a commercial general contractor in Atlanta, GA.  We not only build new buildings but also perform facilities maintenance and management.  We also specialize in green high performance solutions for building owners to save money on monthly building utility costs, while also improving public relations and the bottom line. Please contact us today for a free consultation or to engage us on your upcoming building project.


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