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Urban Eco’s construction and project management team has managed over 400 million dollars of construction activity, which includes retail, industrial, multi-family, single family, public roads, public infrastructure (water/sanitary sewer/storm sewer/roads/power/gas/fiber) and parks.  Over 300 million of this construction activity was working on high performance/green construction projects.

At Urban Eco, we are certified in various state and national green building programs.  We understand with so many programs that it can be difficult to select which program or combination of programs to select to best suit your project.   Our certified staff can work with you and your design team to help you identify and prioritize your high performance/green building goals to meet a timeline and budget specific to your situation.   Once goals are identified, we will work with you to meet these goals using our design group, construction/landscaping group, or maintenance group in a customized implementation plan just for you.

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Special Asset Services

Urban Eco’s Special Asset Services help banks and investors handle their foreclosure portfolios and existing real estate assets in various ways, whether they are vacant land, partially completed subdivisions, partially built homes, partially leased multi family buildings, retail buildings or industrial spaces, etc.

From the beginning, a Special Asset Services Manager will be assigned to offer solutions to your existing portfolios.  Here are some of the ways we can help:

1. Internet Based Documentation – Our Internet based system will be utilized to create a database of all of the services we perform on each asset in your portfolio.  The goal would be to establish a long-term archive of the work performed and to have a reporting system in place so you can be kept up to date with the status of work being performed on your asset.   Each day service is performed, documents, warranties, photos and reports, etc., are placed into this system.   Clients can access all of this information from their office computers or mobile Internet accessible phones.

2. Maintenance – Let our Special Assets Services Manager utilize our Facilities Services team immediately to begin to perform necessary maintenance on your real estate assets. Proper maintenance will sustain the existing real estate asset’s value and keep the peace with neighbors, occupants and local government. Through our family of services, we will be your one and only point of contact for all facility maintenance services, easing your mind and freeing up your time.

3. Compliance – We will analyze your real estate portfolio to ensure compliance with existing local, state, and federal laws.  We can work with local government officials to put your properties back into compliance, if needed.   We hold various national and state certifications and licenses, which permit us to execute the necessary work, whether erosion control measures or solutions for building code violations.   Stop spending money on these daily-imposed government fines.

4. Development – With our vast, wide-range of development experience, let our team examine your assets and reclassify and reassess them to ensure their maximum value in today’s market.  Some of the ways we will help include:

  • Re-zoning the property to it’s highest and best use
  • Working with local and state officials to determine validity of current plans, platting and zoning
  • Conducting master planning of the site
  • Evaluation of the special assets portfolio to develop creative means to achieve immediate income (harvesting of timber, storage, etc.)
  • Working with our cost engineering partners to put together reports and analyze financial information on the properties
  • Production of civil drawings and architectural renderings to help market existing property to potential buyers

5. Construction – Let our construction group analyze your existing portfolio to confirm and collateralize what currently exists and what is missing on site at the properties in that portfolio.   We will also establish the cost to complete unfinished projects and perform the construction, if requested.  In situations where the original design plans are missing, we can utilize our architects to produce new plans for permitting, which we can design to hit the current budget you will need to sell the product at a price which help maximize the bottom line.   We are certified in several state and federal programs that allow us to inspect and monitor properties.  We are top tiered licensed General Contractors in the state of Georgia, which allows us to build any commercial or residential project in the State.

6. High Performance / Green Technologies – Interested in Enhancing Occupant Satisfaction, Reducing Environmental Impact, and Lowering Energy and Operating Costs?  Our certified green building staff will analyze your portfolio and suggest and implement various measures to help you achieve these results.  In addition, we can work with our green energy partners to put together pricing information on green energy programs and the possibilities of adding solar to rooftops or onto vacant properties.

Regarding Facility Management and Maintenance Services, Urban Eco is committed to providing green products, equipment, and chemicals where applicable while maintaining a cost neutral approach.   We feel this creates a winning situation and is good for the business and the environment, while making the facilities more attractive to the current and potential occupants.

7. Cost Engineering – through our cost engineering partner, we can analyze existing real estate assets to develop operation budgets and financial pro-formas.

8. Brokerage/Leasing – Our brokerage partners are fully capable of assisting you with the sale or leasing of your existing real estate assets.

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