Case Study #3: Cornerstone Village Security System and Access Control


For this project, Urban Eco Construction was hired to conduct a full-scale security evaluation of Cornerstone Village. As a result of our findings, we recommended an updated Security System and Access Control System.


Project Summary
Urban Eco Construction installed a top-quality, campus-wide security system for Cornerstone Village featuring all IP, high-resolution cameras. We designed and installed a 100% digital 26-camera system that spanned across 4 buildings and 2 parking decks.

The system included coverage of interior and exterior pedestrian walkways & lobbies as well as parking deck coverage and license plate cameras.

The system also included a web access feature so any user, with the proper login and password, can access the system remotely and monitor it from any secure internet connection. An iPad was also furnished for mobile surveillance of any camera by a roaming security guard.

Fencing and other parking deck security measures were also installed as part of the security package.

Find this Project Video on YouTube:

Cornerstone Village Security System and Access control
Access Control
Urban Eco Construction installed a campus-wide Door King Access Control System which included gate operators, remote controls for over 300 units, keypads at magnetic locks, and a computer management system to monitor and update usage and passcodes. This also included custom steel gate fabrication and installation and security fencing.

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