Case Study #6: Riverview Landing Phase 3: Grading and Cleanup


Project Location
Riverview Landing, Cobb County, GA
Project Name
Riverview Landing Phase 3: Grading and Cleanup
Project Summary
Leading up to now (phase 3), we’ve demolished several old buildings and constructed a permanent community stage we designed. For the information about those phases, the project overview, and how we recycled fallen trees to make the stage, take a look at Phase 1: Demolition Project and Phase 2: Construction of Public Stage. In this phase 3, we are focusing on grading and cleanup. As you can see in the pictures, this property started with tons a trash and overgrown vegetation. While recycling as much of the materials from the industrial buildings and grading the area as we could, we transformed the property into a clean, level area. There is talk about turning this area into a future Farmer's Market! Stay tuned for more information on that in Phase 4: Farmer's Market.

Find the Project Video on YouTube:
Riverview Landing Phase 3: Grading and Cleanup

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