Internet Based Documentation System

Want access to your detailed daily maintenance and construction field reports?   Work photos?  Billing information?  Building maintenance records?   Monthly and yearly upcoming maintenance schedules to better understand and plan your budgets?

Often wondered why as a Owner, Board Member or Manager these records seem to be difficult to get a hold of in an organized archived system?   Not anymore.

Let us handle and document your building management and maintenance efficiently with our client/vender internet based documentation system, making your building safer, longer lasting, and running as efficiently as possible.

Our Internet based system will create a database of all services we perform and help to establish a long-term archive of all work performed on your real estate asset.   Each day service is performed our team uploads daily reports and photographs to the system. Clients can access all of this information from their office computers or mobile Internet accessible phones.

In addition, we put together yearly facility management and maintenance schedules, which are also available on the system for global tracking and budgetary monitoring.

With just a few clicks of a mouse, you will have all the information you need at your fingertips.  Call us today at 404-537-1674 x505 for a free demonstration of how our facilities maintenance Internet based documentation and reporting system will make your life much easier.

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