What is Design-Build?

The design-build process combines the expertise of our architects and construction team into a single point of contact.  This seamless system minimizes risk, cost, and time for you, the owner, by streamlining the communications and processes within the staff at Urban Eco.   From conception through completion, our design-build team will guide you each step of the way to ensure that your needs are met and your goals are reached, all the while helping you work within your individual budget.  It is common that if a designer is contacted directly and is released on plans, the plans that are developed will often not hit the financial goals the owner is trying to achieve.   By having a design-build team working together, the team can work together to achieve your design goals while hitting your financial goal.

If you already have an Engineer or Architect team, we look forward to working with them to execute the vision they have prepared on plan for your home or building.   We can also provide assistance on value engineering, if needed, to help meet budgetary project goals.

Our LEED AP staff members can also work with you to achieve your high performance/green building goals throughout the process, from design through the completion.

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