What is High Performance / Green Building?

High performance green building maximizes operational energy savings, provides healthy interiors, and limits detrimental environmental impacts of the building’s construction and operation.  Marrying aesthetics, safety, health, and sustainability is our goal.  Our multitude of certifications in green building combined with years of hands-on experience using cutting edge green building principles and materials allows us to provide expert knowledge and service directly to you.   Our staff members have worked on over 300 million dollars of green building projects.

Urban Eco Construction can also build your project under one program or a combination of several green building programs.   Each program offers different green building solutions and some have different levels of green building achievements.  By understanding your project’s green goals and your budget, we can recommend specific certification programs, which will suit your needs at the level you want to achieve and the amount you want to spend.

We are members of the following High Performance / Green Building programs:

Below is a link to information on Federal Tax Credits we can help you obtain for your upcoming projects:

List Of Federal Tax Credits for Consumers: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=tax_credits.tx_index

Urban Eco Certifications