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Welcome To Urban Eco Group

At Urban Eco, we provide the highest level of quality services for commercial projects. Our project managers, architects, engineers, construction science professionals, and office staff work seamlessly together with one goal in mind – providing a sound family of services for the ultimate client satisfaction and final product.

Our executive staff enriches Urban Eco with a wealth of knowledge in development, investment opportunities, consulting, property management & leasing and construction.


We analyze economic trends that affect the construction industry and seek out development prospects that address market inefficiencies. Our focus encompasses all primary product categories, including new builds and adaptive reuse projects. By employing a purposeful value creation strategy, we strive to create exceptional and one-of-a-kind destinations while achieving top-notch outcomes. Our approach is both successful and enthusiastic, all while prioritizing profitability and exhibiting utmost regard for the communities in which we operate.

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We work closely with property owners to identify the optimal and most innovative use of their sites, and subsequently serve as a consultant or development partner to bring the project to fruition. Our comprehensive range of development & construction mangement services encompasses master planning, visioning, pro forma analysis, civil engineering, architecture, construction management, programming, leasing oversight and negotiation, financing procurement, due diligence and marketing.

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We are top-tiered licensed General Contractors in the state of Georgia. Urban Eco Construction provides services to client markets which include retail, hospitality, corporate office, infrastructure, multi-family, mixed-use, studios, and warehouses, which are located in the downtown and greater Atlanta area.

Investment Opportunities

Urban Eco's investment opportunities include partnership investment with local and international accredited investors. Please contact us to learn more about these partnerships.

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